Month: December 2018

  • Tokina SD 28-70mm lens zoom ring repair

    I recently bought a camera as parts, and it came with a Tokina SD 28-70mm 1:3.5-4.5 lens. This lens was in a bit of a state, and I already have a Canon 35-70mm FD mount zoom, but I felt like I had to at least try to repair it on principle, you know? The optics…

  • Ricoh 500G light seal repair

    During a trip to Canberra, I dropped in to the Canberra Photographic Market and picked up a Ricoh 500G from a parts bin for $10. The camera was reportedly in “probably fine” condition, but was half way through a light seal repair. I finished cleaning it up (using lens cleaning fluid – not optimal, but…

  • Canon FT QL mirror damper replacement

    I thought I’d make my first post about some work done on my favourite camera: my dad’s old Canon FT QL. This fully mechanical SLR was built from 1966-72. It has through-the-lens metering (the only electrical function) and a nifty Quick Load system for film insertion (honestly not sure why it’s not ubiquitous in later…

  • Hello world!

    This blog is going to detail my adventures with cameras. I have a few interests in photography: Instagram: Flickr: Thanks for reading!

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